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GotlandNature offers guided nature tours, birdwatching and botany excursions.

Birdwatching in May

Nature Guide

A nature guide from GotlandNature takes you to the beautiful and secret places in this fantastic island. It doesn't matter if your interest is in birdwatching, botany or you just would like to enjoy the Nature.

Örnsafari. På bilden: Kungsörn. Foto: Torsten Green-Petersen.

Eagle safari

In Gotland there are 55 pairs of Golden Eagles (probably the worlds most dense population) and 45 pairs of White-tailed Eagles. A very special experience is promised and your chances to meet these species are better here than in any other place in Sweden.

Orchid safari: Pyramidal Orchid, (Anacamptis pyramidalis).

Orchid safari

Orchid safari - enjoy Gotlands rich botany life! Meet many of Gotlands beautiful orchids during a guided day tour. In one day you can see up to 20 different species. Gotland is one of two best landscape in Sweden to view those nice plants.

Workshop: Smartphone Nature Photography

Smartphone Nature photography

Join this half-day workshop. Gotland is a beautiful island. Spring, summer, autumn or winter, the season doesn’t matter. The landscape of Gotland inspire and has all times inspired nature photographers. The state of the art smartphones have advanced built-in cameras with very good lenses and sensors. In good light conditions they can challenge high quality DSLR cameras. It’s easy to shoot with a smartphone!

Night Safari - enjoy the magic sounds of the night

Night Safari

Join a night safari and feel the magic sounds from Natures own musicians. The late spring is the time to hear sounds of the night. During a late night tour we go to Gotland’s best places for night-singing birds. Expected species are thrush nightingale, corncrake, woodcock, nightjar, grasshopper warbler, river warbler, spotted crake and may be quail. If it a still evening, the concert is intensive.

Wake up to birdsong - Fårö

Wake up to bird song

Enjoy the light, the song of the birds and the feeling an early summer morning. GotlandNature.Com offers bird watching mornings around the the island. The walks is for any interested in Nature who would like to recognize the most common bird species in the neighborhood. Early morning walks for everybody. We focuses specially in the bird sounds. During June, the birds song are intense.

“We did see the large eagles well. The eagle guide, Jim Sundberg, was very skilled and fast to find the birds for the group. It was a very nice tour with a good company of people. Lars Tilling – participant.”

Lars Tilling. Foto: GotlandNature.
Lars Tilling

“– We had a wonderful trip to Närsholmen. Jim, from GotlandNature showed us a hunting Golden Eagle. To see Tarkovskijs shooting place for “The Sacrifice”, was also very special!”

Nature guide: Drew and Serena with GotlandNature at Närsholmen.
Drew and Serena Bury

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