Night Safari

Night Safari

Enjoy the magic sounds of the summer night

Join a night safari and feel the magic sounds from Natures own musicians. The late spring is the time to hear sounds of the night. During a late night tour we go to gotland’s best places for night-singing birds. Expected species are thrush nightingale, corncrake, woodcock, nightjar, grasshopper warbler, river warbler, spotted crake and may be quail. If it a still evening, the concert is intensive. If you are lucky – you have a chance to see an owl hunting.


• Guided Night Safari
• Transport in minibus
• Coffe/Tea and cinnamon bun.


Safari schedule 2019

Wednesday May 29 and friday June 7.
Price: 790 SEK p/p incl tax.

Programme for the Night Safari

20:30 Start Gotland Active Store, Hamngatan 4, Visby. Departure for Roma/Halla.
21:00 We wait for the dusk and listen after the first thrush nightingales and corncrakes.
21:30 Coffe break and then transport to other good places for night sound.
01:30 Return Visby.

Booking of Night Safari

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Updated 2019-01-08.