Smartphone Nature photography

Smartphone Nature photography

Smartphone Nature photography

If you like the Nature, photography and have a smartphone – Smartphone Nature photography is your workshop!

Gotlands Nature is photogenic

Gotland is a beautiful island. Spring, summer, autumn or winter, the season doesn’t matter. The landscape of Gotland inspire and has all times inspired nature photographers. The state of the art smartphones have advanced built-in cameras with very good lenses and sensors. In good light conditions they can challenge high quality DSLR cameras. It’s easy to shoot with a smartphone!

Smartphone Nature photography: Grogarnsberget. Photo: Jim Sundberg

Grogarnsberget. Photo: Jim Sundberg

The workshop: Smartphone Nature photography

During a morning we walk along a beach and search for fascinating objects or views to shoot. We try different perspectives, distances, objects and light conditions. We mix different photographic ideas. Together in the group we inspire each other and build energy to get nice shots. During spring and summer, Gotland is very rich in blooming plants and beautiful orchids. May be you catch a Military Orchid? Or you will shoot a very strange lime stone fossil. At the end of the session we look at each other pictures to develop as photographers.

Course leader Jim Sundberg

Jim runs the business GotlandNature and is a very engaged Nature photographer. During the winter season he work as a secondary school teacher. His pedagogic skills are appreciated. Mostly he work with a DSLR Canon equipment. Always Jim’s iPhone is in the pocket, ready to shoot with! Pictures here: www.instagram.com/gotlandnature


  • Coffe/tea, cinnamon bun and fruit.
  • Experienced leader.
  • Price: SEK 590 SEK p/p incl tax.
  • Group size: Minimum 4 and maximum 8.

Smartphone Nature photography. Military Orchid, (Orchis militaris). Photo Jim Sundberg.

Military Orchid (Orchis militaris). Photo Jim Sundberg.

Workshop 2019

  • Visby, Leva Kungslador, Sunday April 7.

Schedule Smartphone Nature photography

  • 09:00 Meeting.
  • 09:15 We stroll along a beautiful beach and search for fascinating photo objects and views. Coffee break during walk.
  • 11:15 Together we look at and discuss each others pictures.
  • 12:00 End of workshop.

Smartphone Nature photography: Södra Hällarna. Photo: Jim Sundberg

Södra Hällarna, Visby. Photo: Jim Sundberg.

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