Thousands of geese

Thousands of geese

Observe great amounts of geese

During spring and autumn migration, enormous groups of barnacle geese roost on Gotland in their preparation for the migration between the Siberian tundra and their wintering quarters. The number of geese is spectacular. There are good chances of finding lesser-white fronted geese, and red breasted geese within the flocks. This is easy birding. We explore the open landscape in a minibus and take some short walks to visit a observation tower to get closer views of the geese. You have also a great chance to get in contact with hunting birds of prey. Both of eagles species are commonly seen. Red kite, peregrine falcon and merlin are regular. Picture above: Barnacle geese. Photo by Josef Anderberg.


• Experienced guide with a spotting scope
• Outdoor lunch
• Transport during guiding

Season: Mid April trough May

Price: 1000 sek p/p inc VAT. (Approx 100 EUR) Min group 4 max group 8.

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